BIG on Bloor Debrief

Hi Blogworld

This past weekend (July 20-21) I had the privilege of representing our blog at the BIG on Bloor street festival. I met so many wonderful people. There were so many talented  kids that sopped by the booth to paint and draw with me. It truly was a pleasure getting to know each and everyone of you. Thank you for participating. Also thank you to Pulp for building such great pavilions and thank you to Open Streets for including us in their brilliant selection of activities. I am looking forward to future events. I would very much like to share pictures of the event with you.

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06 Status


Hello Blog world. I hope you are keeping creative. What to say about the month of May? Well, its been nice and warm so I did some gardening. I have planted some tomatoes, strawberries, hot peppers, herbs, and flowers. My front yard is looking so nice that I have spent hours upon hours just chilling on my front porch. I have managed to drag my self away from my small but very homey garden to do some work. 

Before I get into what I have been up to in terms of my personal projects, I would like to give a blog update. You may have noticed that there was no Creative Resources post this Monday and last Monday. The reason for this is that we have decided to do one a month instead of one a week. This way we will have more time to tell you about our our own and collaborative projects. 

Updates on Past Personal Projects

09 Social Media Craze.

I attended my first Instameet this past month. An Instameet is basically a social photowalk gathering with a group of Instagramers. This particular one was organized by @IGToronto and it was amazing fun. It was great to meet so many of the people whose adventures I have been following and pictures I have been admiring. It was a great afternoon of chit chatting and taking pictures. The pictures taken at the event by all the Instaramers who attended can be found under #igtodoesdistillery. if you do not have Instagram click here to see the pictures.

10 Fire Hydrants

This collection is growing and growing and growing 🙂 I went back into my older vacation pics and pulled out a bunch of hydrant pictures. I have also been taking more pictures of hydrants around the city. I will update the Hydrant Gallery with those pictures this month.

Updates on New Personal Projects

11 Art Journal

You may recall Erin’s post about Art Journals a little while ago. Well it inspired me to start one. I have combined the journal with my city journal and named it “The book of me and the things that make me smile”. Perhaps a bit Cheesy, but the point of the journal is to put down whatever comes to your mind. I guess I was in a cheesy mood when I did my first entry. 

Now you may wonder what I mean with a city journal. I tend to collect business cards, write notes and keep certain paper memorabilia while I am on vacation. Each trip or city gets a new book. Its just nice to go back to and reminisce or give advice to friends who may be going to the same location at a later date. I recently wondered why I do not have a book for Toronto. I mean I live in the city but why not keep tack of the good restaurants, cafes, festivals ext.  that I go to. 

My art journal is about my adventures be it physical or creative. 

12 Pavilion for BIG on Bloor

I was approached to join a team who is working on a pavilion for the annual Bloor Street festival in Toronto. I have offered to help out with the management aspect of the project. Stay tuned for more detail on the project as it progresses. 

 13 Night Photography

Over the weekend I attended Exposure, Henry’s annual photography and video imaging exhibition. There were some very interesting seminars and some of the biggest names in camera and camera accessors manufacturers were there. I bought a long awaited tripod and am now ready and totally excited for some night photography sessions. Hopefully I will capture a few images worth sharing.