Project #3: Nivå6 Logo

This project is a collaborative project. As the three of us are in three different cities we will correspond and collaborate here. We suspect this will be an excellent way to show how three different minds can come together to create one unified project. To better understand this project take a quick look at the post which explains how we came up with the name Nivå6. 

Contribution 09: Feedback on Progress So Far - GK

I agree with Erin, things are moving in the right direction and we are almost there.

  • In contribution 05, Erin places the 6 behind the text. I think this could have some potential and worth exploring further. 
  • My one concern is about adding and moving dots around. This will cause the letters to be different and therefore the word will have a different meaning.
  • Dee’s concept to turn the  I into a drawing./writing tool expresses what we do. something that has been missing up till this point. I think this also has a lot of potential and worth exploring further
  •  Like Erin points out in contribution 08, the pencil can easily be the altering element that the stick figures offered in my initial brainstorm seen in contribution 01 and contribution 02.

font selectionI think we are at a stage where we need to start looking at fonts and working on the logo digitally. I have gathered a list of potential fonts and sent it off to the girls. Some fonts offer a specific element that may be interesting as an inspiration, others are fonts that may be used either as is or with slight alterations. We will look at which fonts have the most potential narrow the list down and  then we will play around with them and see what we can come up with. 

Contribution 08: March 21, 2012 - A contribution from Erin  

OK, I have had this written in my head for forever and now I am finally getting it posted here.

I think that we are on the right track with our brainstorms here, these sketches are looking great. Dee I think that your sketches are amazing! I like that you kept it simple but really tried to represent what it is we do. My favourites are #4 and #12, the simple line into the number six is beautiful. It’s nice that it is a pencil line too because that takes care of the writing, sketching, drafting, etc. that is done within this group. This is an element that I found was missing within my concepts.

There is also that element of flexibility. If we wanted to manipulate the logo for any reason we could have different tools developing the ‘6’, a paint brush, calligraphy pen, eraser, ball point pen, etc.

That’s my two cents, we’re almost there, I can feel it :D.

Contribution 07: February 4, 2013 - More doodles by Dee

My logo work so far consisted of little flashes of creativity in the middle of work, when I would stop what I was doing to quickly doodle a logo idea on a post-it note. So while waiting in a cafe I’ve finally had some time to put my ideas to paper!

With the logo for Niva6, I wanted to make it simple and clean, while at the same time clearly conveying what we’re all about – art and creativity. I have converted the “i” in “Niva” into a pencil drawing the six. By doing this I have added nothing new to the logo and I was able to keep the noise down. At the same time, I think it conveys the essence of what we’re about. Do you agree?

#1 and #12 are my favourite because I think they are the cleanest. Let me know if you like the idea. I’m just brainstorming right now, but it would be great to hear what you think of my ideas and if you feel I should push forward and work to make this one better (and how), or move on and try something new.

p.s. (# 10 was purely for fun. Erin and I are pretty tall and are the same height, and Goldie is a bit shorter. So the circles on the N represent me and Erin, and the circle on the “i” represents little Goldie. This one doesn’t make much sense and is way too busy for a logo, but it’s there for entertainment).

I will continue brainstorming – who knows what stroke of inspiration will appear on my post-it note on Monday!

I also love Erin’s #4 and #5, but I think #5 is my favourite one of hers 🙂

2013-02-01 17.31.02

Contribution 06: Dee's Contribution

I loved Goldie’s elevator idea and the stick figures! However, for a logo I’m feeling a more modern, streamlined look which would also capture the essence of the project. Erin, I love the 6 behind the Niva! The logo I came up with is a doodle which I did at work on a post it note initially, and it would need to be electronically spiffied up 🙂  The main ideas behind this logo were:

– a clean, modern, sans serif font

– a splash of paint above the “i” and a paintbrush stroke of the circle above the “a” to convey the artistic idea

– the paintbrush on the bottom is optional

Let me know what you think of this logo, and I will work on it to make it better and post some alternatives as well!

2013-01-27 18.34.57

Contribution 05: My Contributions - EH

OK, so the new year is upon us and I have finally been able to stop being lame about my projects here haha. I have done a few logo ideas for this actual project. Here they are:


Some of my thought process… for logos #1-3 I was working with the contrast of the straight letters that we have chosen (thank goodness for no awkward ascenders or descenders) with the lovely swoop provided by the number 6. 

For logos #4-6 I was playing a little with Goldie’s original elevator idea. As I mentioned in my previous comments, I felt that the elevator (although a great concept) was being represented with too much complexity for a logo. So I worked with the elevator in #4 a little and for #5-6 I played with the representation of the three of us through the dots (Goldie is pretty short haha <3). 

So this is what I have contributed and I can’t wait to get this discussion underway so that we can pick our logo!!!

04 Feedback on Stick Figure - GK

Erin has a good point about the sketches from 02 Further Exploration. There is plenty of space for fine tuning or to use the idea as inspirational jumping off point. We should definitely keep what works and get rid of what does not.

It will be interesting to see what direction Dee and Erin take with the logo. Once they have posted their initial sketches we will be able to have a dialogue between our different concepts and ideas. I think I have mentioned this before but it is worth repeating. My favourite part about creative collaborations is that you never know where the project will end up. one person may say or do something that inspires you in a direction you would never have ended up before.

Contribution 03: Feedback on Stick Figure - EH

Whoa… reading things in backwards order… mind blown lol. I am working towards contributing my own concepts and sketches, they will be posted here as soon as I get a minute or two. The number 6 combined with the four letters, no ascenders or descenders, has a lot of great visual potential.

I really like the concept of the stick figures logo provided by GK. I like the versatile options that it allows for. I am still finding the initial layout a little bit too complex for a logo (lots of small pieces) but I think that Goldie is on the right track with her concept 🙂

You’ll be able to see when she puts the pic up…. heheh

Contribution 02: Further Exploration - GK

I am so in love with having the 3 figures and creating adventures for them. And if you pay attention there is one that is shorter than the other two. That is because I am significantly shorter than Dee and Erin.

Contribution 01: Initial Doodles and Brainstorming - GK

While waiting for my carpool one morning I was playing with the idea of a logo.  I wanted to express the notion of the 6th floor in the logo.


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