Goldie: Project #2

Post 01

The first challenge is to pick songs. As I was reading the guidelines I kept thinking can we chose 5 albums, or 5 artist instead of just 5 songs. Not that I don’t feel inspired by a single song but my initial concern is that I wont be able to get into it properly by just picking a song… But at the same time I see the value in picking just 1 song. I have decided to live up to the challenge and just do 5 individual songs. BUT HOW DO I PICK THE SONGS? I am getting a bit overwhelmed just trying to chose from different genres and eras forget  choosing an artist or even a song. Do I pick songs that have had an influence on me in the past or do I search for inspiration in songs that I may know but may not have triggered anything yet.

I think I will aim at one song from the following genres: Hip Hop, Spanish, Jazz, R&B, and old school Rock. Ok maybe a Soul or Blues song. I will probably ask my sister to suggest her favourite House song.


Post 02 - Sketch #1

Ok I may have had a meltdown over having too many song options. But I resolved it by sleeping. Sometimes all the creative mind needs is some R&R. I realized it was not as complicated as I was making it out to be. The strategy I chose was to pick up new/new to me/and unknown albums from artist I already enjoy and artists I do not really know and have been directed to by friends. I also took Erin up on her suggestion and put my iPod on shuffle.

The first song that caught my attention was by an artist I enjoy quite a bit. For some reason I did not acquire his second album until recently despite the fact that he is on his fourth album. The song came on while I was on the bus. I did not have my sketch book but I had an image of a little boy playing a tin-drum splattering blood in my mind. When I got home I put on the song, drew the image from my mind. I had the song on repeat and by the time I had finished drawing the boy I was almost entranced by the song and and continued drawing a background and text.




Just a warning, though the song is not explicit it is quite intense and heavy in the social commentary department.

You can also check out Lipe Fiasco’s MySpace page to hear more of his work. Let me know what you think of his music and if you it inspires you. If you get artistically creative feel free to send in some of your own sketches.


Post 03 - Sketch #2

I dedicate this one to my sister who lives and breathes House music. I appreciate house and electronic music but perhaps not as much as she does. I have been known to dance until it hurts during music festivals. But I am not an expert in the genre unlike my sister.  I asked her give me the name of her current favorite song. So she did.


SONG: CITY OF DREAMS . As a side note, as I was looking for the song I came across this seemingly awesome music blog called Earmilk. The link I have posted will direct you to that blog.

If you have ever been to a house concert you would know that it consists of a lot of people dancing, jumping around, flailing their arms and legs, and lots of lights and awesome video graphics. It is quite magical and perhaps the best workout ever. The song inspired me to capture the energy of the movement and the light. I did a hand drawn sketch but I would like to continue working on it digitally in Photoshop. I hear Photoshop CS5 has an awesome paintbrush tool that I have obviously not taken advantage of yet. I will post the sketch now and the finished work once it is done. Let me know what you think of the work so far.


Post 04 - Sketch #2

I started working on the piece in Photoshop. I was trying to capture the vibrancy of concert environment but was having a difficult time creating the background. I continued and tried many variations. Different colours, patters and directions. Another element I had to consider was how to create the background without overpowering the dancing figure.

I brightened the figure’s body and filled out her hair to add drama to the figure. I darkened the edges of the background with black and gradually faded it out into colour as the background faded towards the figure. I then had to figure out what colours to use for the background. I created a few versions and as I was flipping back and forth between the images I had a sudden eureka moment. I should make a video. This project is unintentionally became my first animation.


Post 05 - Sketch #3 and Sketch #2

With all of the things going on right now I was not able to find enough time to actually make significant progress in the video for sketch #2. I will work at it slowly as I find time.

The last sketch, #3, is to an Iranian song.

ARTIST: Parvin

SONG: Ghoghaye Setaregan

It is not a new or unfamiliar song but rather one that brings be back to my childhood and my Iranian roots. It is one of the songs my mom use to sing around the house. Listening to this song made me think of Noruz, the Persian New Year. It was only fitting that I draw something Noruz related in a style inspired by Miniature  Paintings, a traditional Persian art form. In Iranian culture, the gold fish symbolizes life and is an essential part of the Noruz table.

The lyrics of the song are happy and positive but the melody is mellow, thus after finishing the drawing I muted some of the colours in Photoshop.



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