Erin: Project #2

Song #1: “Titanium” by David Guetta feat. Sia

I have had this image in my head while I listen to this song for a really long time. I just like the idea of being so “bullet proof” that nothing can get in your way. I don’t always feel this way but it’s great when I can.

Song #2: “Bad Rain” by Slash

This song is currently on repeat on my iPod, actually this whole album is on repeat on my iPod. After I developed the sketch for this project I watched the recently released animated video for the song, and it looks like Slash and I have a similar train of thought when it comes to this song. I guess we are just destined to work together at some point :).

Song #3: “Paradise” by Coldplay

This one is just plain and simple but I had to include it. My brain was wondering one day while I was listening to this song and this image came to my mind. Even though I really like this song I can’t not picture this every time I listen to it now, making it a little ridiculous.


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