Project #2: Musical Inspiration

“Art is you being free from all the world’s heaviness.”

This is a quote that I found on Pinterest and I thought that it would work nicely for this project. Getting into the zone with my music and sketchbook is one of my favourite methods of dealing with the world’s heaviness.

I got the idea for this project while I was at work one day. While I am sitting at my desk, doing my everyday work, I am almost always listening to my iPod which allows for my mind to wander every once in a while. Some songs provide me with words of inspiration, others the urge to dance, some provide me with a million visuals, and some do nothing for me. So I thought that I would try and use this idea to inspire more of an exercise than a full on final for our next project. So here it is:

Project Outlines:

1. Choose 3-5 different songs, all different from one another. Choose a range of styles, lengths and approaches to keep the final results interesting. I also suggest that you include at least one song that you haven’t heard before (ask around for suggestions :D).

2. Create something that each song inspires while you are listening to them. The final result does not have to do be directly related to the song or lyrics, just as long as it relates to how you feel when you listen to it. Listen to the song once, a thousand times, on repeat, backwards, upside down whatever! Then when you’re done, post the results on your page!

This exercise was more to keep the mind flowing and apply our different approaches to different areas of art and possibilities for application. The project shouldn’t take a long time, it can be done in an afternoon, a week, an hour, whatever! I’m going to go ahead and deadline this one for Hallowe’en at the latest (that’s a crazy long time :D).

Have fun!!!

Final Result: 3-5 pieces of art, writing, etc.
Deadline: Hallowe’en 2012

The Results:


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