Erin: Project #1


OK… I wanted to post my progress so far on this project, however minimal it might be. Right now I have a lot of notes, scribbles, and embarrassingly horrendous drawings in my sketchbook. I have been working out a good combination of the words in the hopes that I will have a final product that will mean something to some people.

I am trying to take a creative approach to the combination. To inspire this I am trying my hardest to completely avoid the obvious interpretations of the individual words, even if it means drawing the obvious approach multiple times to get it out of my head. For example, for my word ‘timeless’ I am doing my very best to not use a clock to represent it. This approach has provided its fair share of challenges but keeping my brain moving away from where it might usually get stuck.

Right now I am SO close, it feels like the solution to this project is on the tip of my tongue. I just need the final piece to connect everything together.

This project is also showing me the fire that is lit by a deadline. As this is our first project there wasn’t a deadline set. I have been working here and there but I am not rushing to a solution. This could be good and bad. Bad in that I am taking forever and waiting for inspiration to hit. Good in that it will hopefully prevent the creative curse that plagued me throughout my first year as school, where I would be stuck with a knowingly average interpretation of a project, submit it reluctantly, and then have inspiration hit me right in the face three days too late. *angry face* At least those ideas are there waiting to be used elsewhere, but apparently not here, not yet anyway.


OK, so I am finished the project. WOOOO! This was an interesting experience as my first “assignment” since my thesis wrapped up this spring. I wasn’t as focused on it all of the time as I would have been in school but it was always in the back of my mind, so I don’t think I am completely lost yet 🙂 And I actually finished it so that’s a good sign! Before I get to the final result I am going to show some of my process throughout the project.

So we all started off with the same three words. I started the project by looking up the definitions, interpretations, and history of each of the words to see what behind the scenes connections I could find with the words. This helped me to wrap my head around some potential concepts.

Then I started sketching. As I was sketching some of the concepts I was having a hard time  not picturing the obvious visuals associated with the words. I wanted to create something that had a deeper meaning, not something that would be the first thing someone might think of when they saw the three words. The most difficult for me was “timeless”, I couldn’t stop picturing a clock. So I drew as many things related to that word that could come to mind one night to try and get rid of the obvious images.

Initially I wanted to use this opportunity to draw some of the visuals I have been interested in trying. I tried sketches with tattoos, mirrors, and masks. I developed an idea about masks and their ability conceal or change someone’s identity. I created the full image and had it drawn out on the watercolour paper, it was all ready to go. Then I got an idea for another approach.

I really liked the idea of something leaving a mark on someone’s identity. I was mostly interested in portraying the moment when the individual can chose to let that something have an impact on who they are or not. I really played with this idea and I wanted to tell a story with the final image. In the end I used three images instead of just one, it helped in telling my story a little better. The final illustrations revolve around the timeless conflict in deciding between who everyone else wants you to be and who you want to be for yourself. Here it is!


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