Project #1: What’s in a word

“Communication is a pregnancy of sorts. In a speaker’s mind, a thought is conceived, then spoken, heard, and then ultimately gives birth to new thought in the listener’s mental landscape.”

                                                                            -Jon Foreman

    Project Guidelines

  1. We will each pick a word that we will then share with each other.
  2. Each of us is responsible for producing work(s) inspired by the chosen words. The words can be combined into one piece or used as inspiration for separate pieces.

    Happy Exploring

       The words
    • Dee: Gridlock
    • Erin: Timeless
    • Goldie: Identity
The Results

Disclaimer: I came across this quote while doing some light research the word WORD. I am not familiar with Jon Foreman or with his ideologies. Thus I do not use the quote as a way associate myself or this blog to him in any way shape or form. I simply found this particular thought interesting and wanted to share it. 🙂


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