Erin Hueston

Hi! I am Erin Hueston and I am a Technical Illustrator and have just completed my Master’s of Design at Carleton University in Ottawa. My research revolved around applying different interactive design methods to emergency management environments. This thesis was developed with the assistance of the members of the forest fire response team at the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Outside of school my interests lie in sketching, illustration, film and animation. I enjoy doing work digitally while maintaining the hand drawn look of my sketches.

This collaborative effort has given me the opportunity to get my visual creativity out in the open in a life which was, until recently, full of research and papers. It also gives me the chance to bounce ideas off of my fellow artists and bring my work to a new level. I hope that you are able to take something away from this experience and help us to move and expand even further. Collaboration is a huge part of the art world and we can always use a helping hand at some point. Thanks so much for visiting our site and I hope that his collaboration will help you in some way, as it is helping us a great deal.

Please take a few minutes to check out my website to take a look at my portfolio.