BIG on Bloor Debrief

Hi Blogworld

This past weekend (July 20-21) I had the privilege of representing our blog at the BIG on Bloor street festival. I met so many wonderful people. There were so many talented  kids that sopped by the booth to paint and draw with me. It truly was a pleasure getting to know each and everyone of you. Thank you for participating. Also thank you to Pulp for building such great pavilions and thank you to Open Streets for including us in their brilliant selection of activities. I am looking forward to future events. I would very much like to share pictures of the event with you.

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A Skype Session…

For those of you who are unaware, the members of this collaboration are currently spread throughout Ontario, making our initial group sessions a little harder to coordinate. So last night Goldie and I tried a new approach and decided to pull out a session through Skype. I think that we could be on to something here.

We each worked on our own projects while we discussed new ideas and projects for the collaboration. The big project that we are working towards is throwing our own version of “Smash the Park“. We are working out the details for now but we will post the final details as they are finalized.

My main work throughout the session was spending my time on a secret project and working away in my sketchbook. Here’s something that I can show you from that:

skype-sessionGoldie, however, was working on something very exciting for us as a group. Lately we have been working towards developing our own logo. Up until last night we only had some sketches and were throwing some ideas around. Last night throughout the session Goldie was working on starting the digital step in that process. We were able to talk back and forth about what we wanted, preferred, and liked about what we had. You can see the progress here.

We both said throughout the night how much we like the collaboration and feedback that we get out of these sessions. There are times that I like to work on my own, to have a project come out my way, but a lot of the time feedback forces you to step back and get a real good look at your work. Both of us were on a high after the session, so much potential and progress. We plan on doing these sessions more frequently now that we know how well they work and how effective they can be.

An almost session…

For those of you who are not in Ontario, this weekend is a long weekend for Family Day. I spent part of the weekend in Toronto with Goldie K and we had a chance to do a little bit of blog work and sketching.

Goldie K spent the time working on her next article post for the blog and I worked on some of the pieces I’ve had in progress. We had an opportunity to take a look at Goldie’s new website, discuss different articles that are coming down the line, and talk media choices for my project. It wasn’t a long session but it was great to have at least two of us together getting come of our work done :D.


This isn’t a big post but considering these get togethers don’t happen very often I thought that it would be a shame to skip over it!


We finally have a name for our inspiration collaboration team, Nivå6. The name is inspired by the beginning of our friendship. The three of us met during the Graduate Student orientation that took place on the 6th floor of the LEEDS residence building at Carleton University. 6th LEEDS soon became the official hangout for our group of friends. Thus “the 6th Floor” seemed an appropriate starting point. “The 6th Floor” morphed into “Level 6” and before we knew it we were searching for a translation in a foreign language. We became very excited about the Swedish translation. The end result is Nivå6.

The next step is our logo.

Session #3 – The Return to the Toxic Rooster

So session number three, for me, was a little less productive. I was jumping all over the place with different projects and ideas. First of all I was working on design sketches for my thesis (to come later in development). Then I got distracted and showed the girls the font video from College Humour.

After that I got a little more focused and produced this sketch:

This image was just something that I thought of while I was walking and listening to my iPod earlier. I get some of my favourite images while I spend some time in my head, which isn’t always a good idea lol. I want to develop this one further though, it isn’t quite sending the message that I want just yet. It might help if anyone wants to venture an opinion. Thoughts???

My Pursuit to Visualize a Literary Metaphor

Due to Thanksgiving madness in Canada this week the group has opted to skip a week of creative gathering. Our schedules were just too unco-ordinateable this time around. We are still being creative separately though, of course, and are hoping to reconvene next week.

In lieu of the meeting I thought that I would post about a new project that I want to work on. I would probably have brought this project to the table this week so why not post it here?

My inspiration for my new project is Andrew Davidson’s “The Gargoyle”. I read this book last fall and was completely blown away by it. This book is unlike anything I have ever read before and, even though I cannot put my finger on exactly why, this book had a deep affect on me. The story is full of narratives told by one of the characters. These narratives are so beautifully laid out and described that I want to take a shot at visualizing them for myself. These images and metaphors flowed so beautifully in my mind as I read through them that I want to try and capture that flow in some sort of visual. What will the actual final product be? Not sure yet. I want to try and see where the visuals take the project.

So that’s the next direction I want to take with my creative time. My thesis is currently looming, taking a majority of my time at the moment. The next steps do, however, require some sketching and design. That way I won’t be completely removed from the creative side of things. This Gargoyle project will just be nice to work on while I reset between data analysis and their practical application.

Toxic Chicken Collaboration Session #2

So we have gone through our second session and, as mentioned in Dee’s post, this one was a great atmosphere to get some work done. No repetitive music this time (thank goodness… last session we heard 5 different songs over the whole 8 hours). Although a few interesting people watching opportunities did present themselves.

Anyway, this time around I was working on my personal blog and website. This is part of my branding and redevelopment of my portfolio and promotions. My goal is to bring them all together a little more. I was working through the blog, I haven’t quite hit a final visual that I love yet, otherwise I would share it with the world. That will happen as soon as this part is up and running. Once everything is all put together I think that I will do a mass launch of everything. Hit the world all at once with a big dose of Erin Hueston.

Atomic Rooster Meeting #1

Well, we are meeting at Atomic Rooster today, and the atmosphere is definitely conducive to some artsy shananigans! Good music, good art on the walls, and good company! Today I put up some of my stuff for the first time, so please check out “Dragica’s Work” under “Collaborators” and let me know what you think. I am really in the mood to play with color and am deciding if I should convert some of my photo play into actual paintings.

I realize that all my favourite photos were taken in the summer, and right now it’s October! So either I go back and play with all the crazy photos I took last summer and the one prior to that, or….I go outside with my little digital camera and create some new fall art 🙂

Bubble Creativi-tea!

Our first collaborative session was yesterday and we all felt that it was something that was very helpful to all of us. We decided that the development of a blog might be an interesting idea, some way to share inspiration and thoughts in between sessions. With a healthy dose of bubble tea on hand we were all working together, bouncing off ideas and providing input into our various projects.

Goldie was working on developing her portfolio and resume further, Dee was working on some sketches, writing and resumes, and I was spending some quality time with my long neglected markers.

Sketches by Erin Hueston

After we were done there we spent a LONG time in chapters (2 hours!!!) looking at part of the art section. This gave us even more ideas of where we would like to go next and how we would like to spend our next sessions.

I want to bring in my website and my current personal branding projects. There was discussion into looking at people’s business cards, different media approaches, video inspiration, etc. The list of projects kept growing longer and longer the more we thought about it. This could be a very interesting collaboration project, good for my creative mellow anyway.


Welcome to our newest effort in this collaborative project that we have developed. This group consists of three students working together to become more creative and inspired in our individual work.

Please feel free to explore this site a little further to find out more about us and our work! We look forward to seeing you on our site in the future!