Hello again friends. This first of the month is a little special for me as it is the day after my birthday. Yes, yesterday I climbed one more step towards the 30’s. I don’t feel much older today than I did yesterday. I have just gradually been feeling more grounded. I guess that’s what happens as you start moving out of the 20’s and into the.. ehem 20’s (for the second time). July sure was a month filled with lots of excitement. Plenty of out of town trips with family and friends, new puppies, BIG on Bloor, and plenty of new opportunities for exciting projects that I will share with you as things finalize. 

Updates on Past Personal Projects

09 Social Media Craze 

Nivå6 is not on Twitter and Instagram. Follow us for updates and event details @niva6blog. Also please share your own projects with us at

12 Pavilion for BIG on Bloor

If you have been following us, you know that this project morphed into something slightly different for Nivå6. We ended up taking part as one of the events at the festival. Our booth was an art journalling station, mainly to get kids excited about art and creativity. Plenty of  young artists stopped by and shared their artistic vision with me. Some told me about their interests others asked questions about how to draw various things. It was an amazing experience. Pictures of the event can be seen by clicking HERE or take a look at our Instagram album.

Updates on New Personal Projects

14 The Secret App Logo

I am currently working on a creative brief template for the client. 

15 Toronto Urban Photography Festival

Some of you may remember that I attended this festival a few months ago. The creators of the event have confirmed next year’s festival. I have applied to be the director of marketing for the 2014 festival. I am ecstatic about this opportunity. I am currently working on finalizing an interview date with the organizers. Fingers crossed I will get it. If you have not seen the earlier post about the 2013 festival click HERE.



BIG on Bloor Debrief

Hi Blogworld

This past weekend (July 20-21) I had the privilege of representing our blog at the BIG on Bloor street festival. I met so many wonderful people. There were so many talented  kids that sopped by the booth to paint and draw with me. It truly was a pleasure getting to know each and everyone of you. Thank you for participating. Also thank you to Pulp for building such great pavilions and thank you to Open Streets for including us in their brilliant selection of activities. I am looking forward to future events. I would very much like to share pictures of the event with you.

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Please share your experience with us. Send us an email at


Nivå6 is going to be at Card-Yard at BIG on Bloor!!!

BIG on Bloor Festival 2013 - LogoWe have some very exciting news to share. Nivå6 will be setting up an art journaling workshop at the Card-Yard pavilion during the BIG on Bloor festival.

BIG stands for the Bloor Improvement Group which is a dynamic volunteer coalition in Toronto, dedicated to advancing the economic, physical, cultural and social life of Bloor Street by creating opportunities and events that improve and celebrate the area. They are the main organizers of the festival.

The Card-Yard pavilion is organized by PULP, Open Streets and Architecture for Humanity Toronto. Thank you to all of the participants for their hard work and for inviting Nivå6 to join the party!

The festival will take place:

Saturday, July 20, 1–9 pm
Sunday, July 21, 12–6 pm
On Bloor Street, Toronto
Between Dufferin and Lansdowne

Nivå6 will be located at the CARD-YARD pavilion which is located inside the tennis courts at the South-West corner of Bloor St and Dufferin.

Come join us, the activities are suited for all ages and skill levels. Art journaling is a fun and a worth while exercise for everyone. Nivå6 will be giving out new journaling prompts every 30 minutes and participants can chose which medium they want to use. You can draw something for the first journal prompt, write a story for the second, and take a picture for the third. How you chose to participate is completely up to you.

Hope to see you all there.


Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.


Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians. To the ones that are not, celebrate something random anyway. Who says you need a “good” reason to throw a party or celebrate? 🙂 The celebration is reason enough if you ask me.

Updates on Past Personal Projects

09 Social Media Craze.

I have a few big projects in mind. Stay tuned, I will post about them as time goes on.

11 Art Journal

Our family trip this year in on a house boat. I have brought my art journal and a few art supplies. It will be nice to spend a little time just reflecting on Ontario’s beautiful landscape.  

12 Pavilion for BIG on Bloor (Card-Yard at BIG on Bloor)

The project is progressing and has morphed into something big. There is a potential of another project taking place at the pavilion, which is now called CARD-YARD AT BIG ON BLOOR. I will fill you in on it once I know more. 

 13 Night Photography

This month is filled with outdoor adventure. I am hoping it will lead to some some quality night photography. 

Updates on New Personal Projects

14 The Secret App Logo

I can not say much about this project at the moment except for that it is taking place with me in Canada and the client in Barbados, that it is a logo for a new app, and that I am very excited about the project. It will be an interesting experience so I shall share what I can when I can. 


Humans of New York


Good people of the blog world. I have kept a secret from you…well not really since the secret is a very public and well followed blog. 🙂 I showed Erin and Dee a few days ago and their reaction was as great as mine was when I first came across it.

The brilliant blog is called Humans of New York and is run by Brandon Stanton. He basically walks around New York City, takes pictures of and talks to all kinds of people. For me the brilliance of this blog is that it shares the extraordinary stories of everyday people with the world. Stanton’s photographs and interviews breaks hears, humours, inspires, and even  breaks through stereotypes. 

The first video is taken from the Humans of New York blog. The second is a TEDx talk given by Stanton. The two videos give a beautiful introduction to Stanton’s work. 


06 Status


Hello Blog world. I hope you are keeping creative. What to say about the month of May? Well, its been nice and warm so I did some gardening. I have planted some tomatoes, strawberries, hot peppers, herbs, and flowers. My front yard is looking so nice that I have spent hours upon hours just chilling on my front porch. I have managed to drag my self away from my small but very homey garden to do some work. 

Before I get into what I have been up to in terms of my personal projects, I would like to give a blog update. You may have noticed that there was no Creative Resources post this Monday and last Monday. The reason for this is that we have decided to do one a month instead of one a week. This way we will have more time to tell you about our our own and collaborative projects. 

Updates on Past Personal Projects

09 Social Media Craze.

I attended my first Instameet this past month. An Instameet is basically a social photowalk gathering with a group of Instagramers. This particular one was organized by @IGToronto and it was amazing fun. It was great to meet so many of the people whose adventures I have been following and pictures I have been admiring. It was a great afternoon of chit chatting and taking pictures. The pictures taken at the event by all the Instaramers who attended can be found under #igtodoesdistillery. if you do not have Instagram click here to see the pictures.

10 Fire Hydrants

This collection is growing and growing and growing 🙂 I went back into my older vacation pics and pulled out a bunch of hydrant pictures. I have also been taking more pictures of hydrants around the city. I will update the Hydrant Gallery with those pictures this month.

Updates on New Personal Projects

11 Art Journal

You may recall Erin’s post about Art Journals a little while ago. Well it inspired me to start one. I have combined the journal with my city journal and named it “The book of me and the things that make me smile”. Perhaps a bit Cheesy, but the point of the journal is to put down whatever comes to your mind. I guess I was in a cheesy mood when I did my first entry. 

Now you may wonder what I mean with a city journal. I tend to collect business cards, write notes and keep certain paper memorabilia while I am on vacation. Each trip or city gets a new book. Its just nice to go back to and reminisce or give advice to friends who may be going to the same location at a later date. I recently wondered why I do not have a book for Toronto. I mean I live in the city but why not keep tack of the good restaurants, cafes, festivals ext.  that I go to. 

My art journal is about my adventures be it physical or creative. 

12 Pavilion for BIG on Bloor

I was approached to join a team who is working on a pavilion for the annual Bloor Street festival in Toronto. I have offered to help out with the management aspect of the project. Stay tuned for more detail on the project as it progresses. 

 13 Night Photography

Over the weekend I attended Exposure, Henry’s annual photography and video imaging exhibition. There were some very interesting seminars and some of the biggest names in camera and camera accessors manufacturers were there. I bought a long awaited tripod and am now ready and totally excited for some night photography sessions. Hopefully I will capture a few images worth sharing. 



How to Price Your Freelance Services.

Two weeks ago we posted about unpaid internships and free pitching your work as a freelancer. This week’s post is a continuance of that in ways. Below are a few links and check-lists that will give you some food for thought when you are struggling with charging a client for your time and work.

The first is a chart designed by Jessica Hische and is a humorous way to figure out if you should charge a particular client.


The second is an excellent resource by Freelance Switch. They have 12 excellent links that will help determine your price regardless of the age of your freelance business.

03 Goldcrock

The adventures of Dradjicka and Goldcrock started one night when Dee and I were attending an evening event for the Ottawa International Animation Festival a few years back. Both of us are used to our names being mispronounced, but this mispronunciation really had us giggling. Being under strong influence of animation, we immediately fashioned our superhero identities. Later on that week while at another OIAF event with Erin, her Mosquito Mask was born. I do not remember the exact story behind Mosquito Mask, I just remember laughing extremely hard. Anyway I have finally drawn Goldrock.

To me the name, when broken up into two parts, sounds like a Golden Crocodile. That is the basic idea I started off with. I guess the typical next step would have been do decide what type of character she was I.E. is she good or evil… I for some reason did not go there. Perhaps because the “obvious” assumption was that she would be a good character. In either case I started thinning about and brainstorming what a half human half crocodile would look like. This is the basic list of characteristics I came up with.

  • A recognizably human body
  • A tail
  • Golden crocodile/human skin
  • Creature of the swamp
  • Facial features have clear non human characteristics
  • Strong legs (perhaps more of a frog attribute but I figured they are all swamp creatures so I just went with it)
  • Claws
  • A warrior

Goldcrock - initial sketchA few things came out in the initial sketch.

  1. Tail should be on the other side… it would look more natural with her posture.
  2. The scaly skin is there to protect her vital organs.
  3. Her weapon (a sharp wooden tool) is attached to her leg for easy reach…I realized after drawing it in that it must have been subconsciousness inspired by Lara Croft.
  4. She has claws which will help her navigate the swamp and fight her battles.
  5. Clothing is Amazon Warrior inspired.
  6. I should not ink the outlines… I just did not like the look.

The final is the tweaked version of the initial sketch.

finalI showed it to a friend. His first question was “is she good or bad?”…Well she does not really look like one of the “good guys” and I do not really want her to be one of the “bad guys” simply because she does not look like a stereotypical “good guy.” My fried introduced me to the “Chaotic Good Character.”

“A chaotic good character acts as his conscience directs him with little regard for what others expect of him. He makes his own way, but he’s kind and benevolent. He believes in goodness and right but has little use for laws and regulations. He hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do. He follows his own moral compass, which, although good, may not agree with that of society.

Chaotic good is the best alignment you can be because it combines a good heart with a free spirit.

Chaotic good can be a dangerous alignment when it disrupts the order of society and punishes those who do well for themselves.”

The definition is taken from and I think that it fits Goldcrock perfectly. What do you think?