Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians.

Happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians. To the ones that are not, celebrate something random anyway. Who says you need a “good” reason to throw a party or celebrate? 🙂 The celebration is reason enough if you ask me.

Updates on Past Personal Projects

09 Social Media Craze.

I have a few big projects in mind. Stay tuned, I will post about them as time goes on.

11 Art Journal

Our family trip this year in on a house boat. I have brought my art journal and a few art supplies. It will be nice to spend a little time just reflecting on Ontario’s beautiful landscape.  

12 Pavilion for BIG on Bloor (Card-Yard at BIG on Bloor)

The project is progressing and has morphed into something big. There is a potential of another project taking place at the pavilion, which is now called CARD-YARD AT BIG ON BLOOR. I will fill you in on it once I know more. 

 13 Night Photography

This month is filled with outdoor adventure. I am hoping it will lead to some some quality night photography. 

Updates on New Personal Projects

14 The Secret App Logo

I can not say much about this project at the moment except for that it is taking place with me in Canada and the client in Barbados, that it is a logo for a new app, and that I am very excited about the project. It will be an interesting experience so I shall share what I can when I can. 


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