Art Journaling

A good way to unwind and clear your head is to get a few ideas sketched, written, or explored in your sketchbook. If you’re a perfectionist this can sometimes be stressful because of worry about not getting a good sketch or final style work on the page. This isn’t really what sketchbooks are for, they are for getting all ideas (good and bad) out onto paper and out of your head. This will make room for more ideas, concepts, methods, and styles.

If you’re not sure what you can do with your sketchbook or not sure where to start, explore!!! There are many different resources available online displaying different artist journals, how they use them, where they take their ideas and what they do with them later.

Here are a few examples of what is out there (click on images to view the sites):

The Smashbook

The Smashbook is my new favourite! Charissa provides images of her posts, online classes, and has recently introduced ‘Prompt Friday’ to help those of us who get stuck every once in a while. She also has a great list of 50 journal prompts for those who can’t wait until Friday.


Balzer Designs


An Uninterrupted View

P1020968[1]Don’t be afraid of ruining your sketchbook, it is there to help you out. Who knows? You could come up with a brilliant idea for some line work by looking at that new rip on the page. Set you and your sketchbook free! Journal it all!!!

Please take some time to check these artists out and please feel free to share any other link or artist that you use for your journaling inspiration.


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