The Pasta Killer!

Hello lovely readers! A North Bay film team needs our help to make their dream a reality!!!

My friend Josh has been part of the development of the film noir mini series entitled “The Pasta Killer”. Now the team is looking to develop the story into a feature film AND it’s going to filmed in NORTH BAY,ON! But, they can’t do it alone, they need our help with donations in the form of props, money, locations, costumes, and MUSIC! Anyone out there who is willing to help out please visit The Pasta Killer website and get some more information on how you can help.


3 thoughts on “The Pasta Killer!

  1. Hello! This is Stefan, the writer/director/big ‘ol headcheese of “The Pasta Killer!” I just stumbled on this post and wanted to say a great big “thank you!” for sharing our film. It is much appreciated and I am humbled to know there are people out there who believe in the project like we do!
    Many, many, many (X10) thanks!

    • Hey Stefan… So glad that you stopped by. I hear that you have started filming now and I am so excited! Good luck with your progress, I know it’s going to turn out amazing!!!!

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