Hello blog world. I hope March was a creatively productive month for you all. For me it has proven to be very interesting and fun. Social media was a big focus for me this past month. This upcoming month is all about Nivå6 project. Project 4 has been posted for a while and I have not given it the focus it needs up till now. Project 3 (which is a running project) needs attention as well. 

Updates on Personal Projects

01 Journey on Colourful Waters

This project is such a nice de-stressor  I am really taking my time with it.

03 Goldcrock

I have been brainstorming/sketching a bit for this project. I have little to no experience with drawing and creating superheroes so I am really having fun with this one.

07 PULP: Paper Art Party

I had been talking to a few people about coming up with a paper art installation proposal for PULP as I was not in a position time wise to do it on my own. Besides working on light projects like this tends to be the most fun with a group of people. Unfortunately most of the people were not in a position to commit to the project so I decided to focus my energy elsewhere. I will still be attending the party and you should as well. It will not disappoint.

09 Social Media Craze.

I have had so much fun with this. It has really taken up a huge chunk of my time getting me to be very active, especially with taking pictures. 

Twitter: TheGoldieK    

– I am using Twitter as a social media connector of sorts. Anything that is related to any of my social media activities gets posted on Twitter. You can check out what I am up to on a more frequent basis there.

Instagram: TheGoldieK

– Instagram has really pushed me to get out there and re-discover my city. I am really enjoying this platform. I have actively been posting pictures for two weeks and I have been getting good feed back. I have just above 200 followers and I have found so many amazing photographers and instagramers who inspire me. Here are what I have posted so far. Some of them are taken from the Duck Duck Goose and One Angry Swan and  the Feeding the Birds series.

If you check me out on Instagram let me know. Its always nice to hear from “familiar” people

LinkedIn: Golrokh Keshavaz

-I am relatively new to this platform and I have yet to really put it to use the way it is meant to be used. But from what I see it is truly a powerful platform for networking. Looking forward to get into it. Find me there as well 🙂



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