Welcome Spring with the Help of Environmental Artist Nicole Dextras


As she typically does this time of year, Mother Nature is having her doubts about weather or not she is ready to let the snow melt away completely.

Watching this interview with Nicole Dextras for some reason seemed to express what this time of year is about, for me anyway. Getting out to explore what has been growing and changing around us, being curious and appreciating/welcoming the curiosity of others. As if the more I get out and explore the more likely it is for Mother Nature to reward me with some warmth. Hint Hint 🙂

In any case, enjoy the video and if you have ever seen Nicole Dextras’ work in person please share your experience. I am sure I would not be able to stop smiling if I saw someone walking down the street wearing a lilac coat. Also spend some timve looking over her website, it is worth the time.




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