What is the Deal with Fonts?

If you have had any sort of experience with graphic design or a graphic designer you have experienced the amount of time and attention paid to typography. Designers spend hours deciding what font to use, looking at new fonts, reading about fonts, altering spacing and sizes. But why? what is it that makes typography and font selection so important?

The thing is, each font has a history and a personality. Not every font works for every setting. Using the wrong font is like showing up to a casual BBQ with a ball gown, or showing up to a job interview with your pyjamas. Comicsanscriminal.com explains this idea in a very humorous fashion. Go through it even if you are not a Comic Sans Criminal, it is worth it.Comic Sans Criminal

Hoefler & Frere-Jones, a typography company, has an excellent website that describes their font collection, their history and personality. It is a brilliant website, and a useful too for people to start learning about typography.

4 thoughts on “What is the Deal with Fonts?

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