Photo-walk Feeding the Birds


Over the past week I have been attending the first and perhaps annual Toronto Urban Photography Festival (TUPF). The festival has been great so far. Plenty of FREE workshops, talks, walks, and exhibitions.

My background with photography: I studied the basics of photography theory in school. I even got a chance to learn how to develop and print my own black and white film. Something I highly recommend if you are really interested in photography. I also studied the history of photography as part of my undergraduate degree. Supper fun stuff… makes you really think about what you see.

Recently I bought myself a nice new camera, yes the one I have been drooling over for almost a year. The TUPF events really gave me a good reason to take the camera for a few nice spins around the city. The fact that spring is just around the corner is also a huge factor as the weather is finally a bit milder. I will, over the next few weeks or so, upload some of the pictures I have taken during the past few days. Would love to hear what your thoughts are. Which picture do you like best and why? And as usual, if this series inspires you to be creative in anyway, I encourage you to share your work with us.




4 thoughts on “Photo-walk Feeding the Birds

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