March 8 2013 – New Status Update

03 Status

Hello Blog world. It has been a while since I posted a status update. This does not mean I have not been active. It just means I have not set up a routine for blogging. Many of my personal projects are progressing and evolving. I will make share them with you guys in detail soon.  In addition to personal projects the girls and I have had multiple conversations about Nivå6 and how to keep this organized and on a continuous role. I think we are well on our way to working out some logistics and I am very excited about how things are shaping up. There may be a few changes happening on the blog in next week or so…. keep an eye out. :)

Here is an update on past projects:

01 Journey on Colourful Waters

Slowly coming along.

02 Competition 1

Full update coming soon!!!

03 Goldcrock

This project has not yet taken flight. I guess I am having a bit of a hard time expressing my superhero powers. 

04 Latina in the Closet

Completed and posted below.

05 CurvesMusic Logo

This project has been cancelled. BUT do not fret, there is another logo project to talk about. :)

Here is a list of new and current projects:

06 Carleton University Scuba Diving Association Logo

I was approached by this association to create a logo for their launch. I will post  about this in full soon.

07 PULP: Paper Art Party

I am currently in talks with a few people trying to come up whit a strategy to come up with a Paper art installation proposal for this event. Full details of the event can be found on their blog

08 My Website 

Phew. Ok I have kept this hush hush… mainly because i have been test-running it for a while. But after many attempts, alterations and adjustments. TADA… I am sure I will continue altering it and changing it around as time goes by. I mean one of the main reasons I wanted a website portfolio is because I wanted a platform where I can things up to date and fresh on a regular basis. I am open to suggestions, thoughts and comments as long as they are of a constructive nature. :) So check it you can send me a message by going to the contact section on the website. I am looking forward to hear from you. 

09 Social Media Craze.

I have finally entered this millennium when it comes to my “cellphone” technology. I put cellphone is quotes because a friend of mine pointed out how  out of date I was for still having just a cellphone. I guess I can see his point. Not having a smartphone really does put you out of touch with how things are moving today. SO I have finally acquired myself an Iphone and I am all over the various social media platforms. 

Twitter: TheGoldieK    

– I am not 100% sure I have finalised how I want to use Twitter as of yet. But I am sure I will figure it out and let you know as soon as I have a game plan. So far I am just following people/organizations/architecture firms

Instagram: TheGoldieK

– I am planing my first Instagram outing this coming Sunday (March 10 2013) downtown Toronto. I am sure I will find plenty of interesting things/events/encounters to share. One thing that I am very excited about is the idea of shooting fire hydrants. Its something that I at some point picked up and have been doing on my various trips. The only hindrance so far has been that mot interesting hydrant sigtings happen at random and I do not drag my DSLR with me on a regular basis. The Iphone has changed that. VERY EXCITED TO SHARE

Pinterest: Golrokh Keshavaz

-Pinterest is just FUN. I do take short pinterest breaks when I need a break from whatever I am doing. There is so much on there that its like a little mini vacation from life. Nivå6 actually has a pinterest board… check us out there. 


One thought on “March 8 2013 – New Status Update

  1. Wow Goldie! Looks like you’re on a creative high and I can’t wait to hear more about the projects and see the final products. I’m trying to spend less time by the computer and limit my social media use, so let me know how your adventures with social media go!

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