The significance of plot without conflict

If you grew up in the West, your understanding of a plot-line would most likely be something like this:



In the west we are generally thought that story has to have some sort of conflict that develops and gets resolved. BUT WAIT!!! This is not the only way to tell a story?!?!keshotenketsu - FINALThis article was both an eye-opener and a challenge as it compares the thee-  and five-act-plot to Kishōtenketsu. This article is a must read for all serious writers who are interested in developing and understanding their craft in more than one dimension. It is important for artist to be aware of the conventions they are using, it should not be just a mere habit but intentional. Weather the thesis of the article is correct or not is up to each reader. The point is to make you conscious about why you write the way you write.

Happy reading.



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