Top Designs for 2011 Blockbusters

We are in the middle of the Hollywood award season! It is an exciting time for all movie lovers and followers. While we partake in the excitement we thought it appropriate to take a moment to appreciate and bring into light the work that is done by the many graphic designers who help market these movies. Like all graphic content in our environment, movie posters, when designed well and with intent, send a very strong and clear message. It takes an immense amount of conscious and well informed decisions to make a good poster. Every colour, texture, and positioning of elements is chosen on purpose to convey a particular mood and meaning.

Top designs for 2011 blockbusters by is a infographic that points out some of the design features of  the posters for the top 10 blockbusters of 2011. Though it does not go into great detail analysing each poster, it does a great job bringing attention to various choices of the design team as well as the trends of that year. It would be nice to see if they will put out another infographic for 2012.

Captain America

Take a close look at the movie poster for your favourite movie of 2012 and let know if you think it does the movie justice.


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