Logo Critiques

Most design based schools conduct critiques at the end of each project. What this usually entails is a student presenting their work to a panel of critiques and very commonly an audience of classmates.

The purpose of this exercise is not to embarrass the student who is presenting or to make other students feel inadequate. The propose of this is to openly talk about the projects so that everyone can be exposed to what worked with in the project and what could be improved upon. It gives students a chance to learn from each other and to grow.

This weeks Creative Resources (CR) post is in tune with Project #3 in that it is about logo’s. Compass Marketplace has a whole list of logo critiques on their website. The logos are rated from 1-10 and  have comments explaining why they were rated the way that they were. Reading the comments is almost like sitting in on a critique. The is a marketing tool since Compass Marketplace’s main goal to gain clients who want their logo’s designed properly by a professional. However, because they openly discuss various logos it becomes a useful learning tool in the process.

Obviously just going through these critiques will not make anyone into a graphic designer. One must understand plenty of basic theory and work to achieve a great logo. This is just one small learning too that may help get you there.

To see the logo critiques please click HERE


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