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My mind is going 1000 m/p. I want a whole case of this stuff and a blank wall to create on.


The significance of plot without conflict

If you grew up in the West, your understanding of a plot-line would most likely be something like this:



In the west we are generally thought that story has to have some sort of conflict that develops and gets resolved. BUT WAIT!!! This is not the only way to tell a story?!?!keshotenketsu - FINALThis article was both an eye-opener and a challenge as it compares the thee-  and five-act-plot to Kishōtenketsu. This article is a must read for all serious writers who are interested in developing and understanding their craft in more than one dimension. It is important for artist to be aware of the conventions they are using, it should not be just a mere habit but intentional. Weather the thesis of the article is correct or not is up to each reader. The point is to make you conscious about why you write the way you write.

Happy reading.



Top Designs for 2011 Blockbusters

We are in the middle of the Hollywood award season! It is an exciting time for all movie lovers and followers. While we partake in the excitement we thought it appropriate to take a moment to appreciate and bring into light the work that is done by the many graphic designers who help market these movies. Like all graphic content in our environment, movie posters, when designed well and with intent, send a very strong and clear message. It takes an immense amount of conscious and well informed decisions to make a good poster. Every colour, texture, and positioning of elements is chosen on purpose to convey a particular mood and meaning.

Top designs for 2011 blockbusters by is a infographic that points out some of the design features of  the posters for the top 10 blockbusters of 2011. Though it does not go into great detail analysing each poster, it does a great job bringing attention to various choices of the design team as well as the trends of that year. It would be nice to see if they will put out another infographic for 2012.

Captain America

Take a close look at the movie poster for your favourite movie of 2012 and let know if you think it does the movie justice.

An almost session…

For those of you who are not in Ontario, this weekend is a long weekend for Family Day. I spent part of the weekend in Toronto with Goldie K and we had a chance to do a little bit of blog work and sketching.

Goldie K spent the time working on her next article post for the blog and I worked on some of the pieces I’ve had in progress. We had an opportunity to take a look at Goldie’s new website, discuss different articles that are coming down the line, and talk media choices for my project. It wasn’t a long session but it was great to have at least two of us together getting come of our work done :D.


This isn’t a big post but considering these get togethers don’t happen very often I thought that it would be a shame to skip over it!

Logo Critiques

Most design based schools conduct critiques at the end of each project. What this usually entails is a student presenting their work to a panel of critiques and very commonly an audience of classmates.

The purpose of this exercise is not to embarrass the student who is presenting or to make other students feel inadequate. The propose of this is to openly talk about the projects so that everyone can be exposed to what worked with in the project and what could be improved upon. It gives students a chance to learn from each other and to grow.

This weeks Creative Resources (CR) post is in tune with Project #3 in that it is about logo’s. Compass Marketplace has a whole list of logo critiques on their website. The logos are rated from 1-10 and  have comments explaining why they were rated the way that they were. Reading the comments is almost like sitting in on a critique. The is a marketing tool since Compass Marketplace’s main goal to gain clients who want their logo’s designed properly by a professional. However, because they openly discuss various logos it becomes a useful learning tool in the process.

Obviously just going through these critiques will not make anyone into a graphic designer. One must understand plenty of basic theory and work to achieve a great logo. This is just one small learning too that may help get you there.

To see the logo critiques please click HERE

Creative Resources

We, in our research and everyday life, often come across various resources that we find useful in furthering our education and understanding of art and design. Not inspirations per say but more theory based information. We want to share these with you. Therefore we are starting a new series entitled Creative Resources. Under this category heading you will find  of articles, websites, videos, and books that deal with the technical aspects of art and design. Topics will range from basic concepts such as colour theory to more advanced topics such as how to start freelancing.

Posts will occur on a weekly schedule and may include more than one article at a time. If you would like us to post on a particular topic or want to share something with us please pass it along.

Coffee Shop Sessions

Yesterday Goldie and I were talking about the blog and our projects. We thought that a good activity would be to get back out and do some observational drawings. We may have  a project along these lines coming up but I did go out and do some sketches this weekend.  I posted the following on my blog earlier but I thought that it could work here too. Enjoy!

Two of the projects that I have been working on lately require illustrations of people interacting with one another and each of these projects require a lot of illustrations. While I was developing preliminary sketches for each of them I was getting discouraged with how the results were coming out. Having been away from life drawing for so long I have gotten more than rusty. In order to prevent myself from getting discouraged and dropping the projects, or developing something I am not proud of I decided that I would start back up with some observational drawing. I promised myself that I would go out this past weekend to see if I could back into the groove.

The day after I decided that this was what I was going to do next I saw this article on the National Post website. The article describes Richard Johnson’s experience while he spends time drawing different areas in Toronto. Although I am more interested in drawing people I thought that this was a great idea, to write about each session showing progress, experience and things you learned. I was also glad to have found this article because Mr. Johnson is the same artist who wrote the “Kandahar Journal” for the National Post. I was following each update closely when it began, but suddenly it stopped showing up and I was curious as to how the rest of the trip went. Luckily “Drawn T.O.” provided a link to the full journal and I was able to continue reading.

While I was inspired by this article and my need to avoid being discouraged I went out to one of the coffee shops near home with my sketchbook and pencils ready to go. I got my green tea and set up in what I thought would be a good vantage point to observe my fellow cafe goers. I had left work earlier because it was a Friday, so I got there mid afternoon hoping to score one of the couches, no luck. Despite not being able to grab one of my favourite spots the rest of the place was pretty much empty, everyone was still at work. So I sat down, got out my supplies and the week of work quickly caught up with me. I spent the first half hour there being mellow and staring out the window, just winding down. Finally, it picked up a little more and some people were sitting around me in the cafe, so I started to draw. I got a few good sketches in and the whole session went pretty well, I was worried at first but it went pretty smooth. Here’s what I ended up getting down.


 I was at the coffee shop for nearly three hours, just sketching and unwinding. I still have a lot of practice to do for sure but I am glad that the session went so well because I will be more encouraged to go again. I did try to go a second time on the weekend but I forgot my glasses and it was so bright outside that it was a little too dark inside for me to do my sketches without being really obvious about watching the individuals, so I will try again next weekend.