04 Latina in the Closet

I recently bought a box set of 24 Prismacolor’s Premier Brush Fine Art Markers. Being a marker newbie I had to do some research before getting started. Here is some of the information I found Prismacolor markers:

Prisnacolor markers are alcohol based thus they do not have a toxic smell. They dry relatively quickly but have the ability to blend while they are wet. The markers have a transparency quality which could result in a patchy effect but if the edges of the pigmented areas remain wet the patchy quality can be avoided. In other words speed is important.

TOMBO Dual Brush Pens

The Prisnacolor box set that I got does not have any greys. Greys are important for blending and shadows. I went to the art store and there was a set of TOMBOW Grey Scale Dual Brush Marker set on sale.

It being the month of confusion, I thought that the two markers were both alcohol based… Even though the TOMBOW clearly says water based.  I tested blending the two at the store with semi satisfactory results. I really liked the feel of the TOMBOW. They allow for a more painterly quality while the Prisnacolor’s dry faster. I bought the TOMBOW even though they are not totally compatible with the markers I already had. I just have to get myself more of both types of markers. 🙂 You can see the difference between the two markers in the final piece. The black part of the background is Prismacolor while the bottom is TOMBOW.

Canson Pro Layout Acid Free Marker Paper Pads, Bright White
Canson Vidalon Translucent Vellum Paper 55 lb / 90 gsm

The next step was to get the proper paper. I bought a marker paper pad as well as a vellum pad. Both pads are from Canson and are acid free. The marker paper is as smooth as the vellum but less transparent.


I knew I wanted to mix colour pencils and markers for the Latina in the Closet which is why I chose to work on vellum for this particular project. I used Uthrecht Colored Pencils. The quality of the proses pictures is really bad, I hope you can still get a sense of how the piece was created.

First I sketched out the dancer with pencil on the front of the vellum. Second I coloured the dancer’s body and hair with pencil crayons. 

Latina in the Closet Progress 1

At this point I was unsure what I was going to do next. I had the option of using markers on the front or on the back of the velum for the background and the dancer’s dress. I could also use markers to fill in the dancer’s body from the back giving her skin and hair more colour.  I was also playing with the idea of keeping her dress white.

Latina in the Closet Progress 2

In the end I painted the background from the back with markers. The dress is created by using markers on the back and pencil crayons on the front. Not sure if this is what my friend was imagining but this is the finished piece.



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