02 Status

Thesis is D.O.N.E. I have now been a Mater of Architecture for 4 months and unexpectedly I spent most of the summer traveling. I enjoyed every moment of it, productive and unproductive.   As for the list I created in 01 Status here is where everything stands.

  • The watercolour painting is coming along. Painting is a great after-work evening activity.
  • The Architecture competitions had to be put on hold because I was not in one city long enough to be able to actually dedicate a proper amount of time to it.
  • My photo walks ended up being trip photos for the most part, but I did not really focus on photography as much as I wanted to.
  • I did not buy a new camera so I have postponed videography for now.
  • I have been focused on honing my Revit, AutoCAD and Illustrator skills. I have a apartment project I am working on. I will post stuff on this project.
  • As for posting my previous works, I can’t find them. :S They are probably sitting in storage along with a bunch of my other things.
Here is a list of current projects:

02 Competition 1

I have teamed up with a friend from school but we have not chosen our first completion. We have given ourselves one week to find a competition we are interested in and would like to do for our first collaboration.

03 Goldcrock

The adventures of Dradjicka and Goldcrock started one night when Dee and I were attending an evening event for the Ottawa International Animation Festival last year. Both of us are used to our names being mispronounced, but this mispronunciation really had us giggling. Being under strong influence of animation we immediately fashioned our superhero identities. Later on that week while at another OIAF with Erin’s Mosquito Mask was born. I do not remember the exact cause story behind Mosquito Mask, I just remember laughing extremely hard.

04 Latina in the Closet

This is a birthday gift for a friend. She is a big enthusiast when it comes to Latin American and Spanish cultures. The story behind this is a conversation I had with her.  During the conversation she proceeded to throw a bunch of Spanish words at me. Then she apologised because the Latina in her was coming out. The thing is the Latina in her was never sitting quietly in the closet. We laughed at the mental image, so why not create an actual image to laugh at.

05  CurevesMusic Logo

A client wants a logo as his opening credits for his youtube music videos. This is a challenging project because I was not given a lot to go on by the client. This is usually the case with clients but in this case I did not push to get more information because I am sure the client really does not know at all. It is a bit of a unique case as the client is still trying to establish his own direction.


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