Erin Hueston

Now that I am able to focus on a bit of my own work I seem to be in the middle of a bunch of projects but none of them are finished quite yet. So while I am working to finish those I thought that I would share a website that inspired me to power through the thesis and get back to my personal work.

I found Pondly while stumbling through the internet with Stumble Upon. This site is updated regularly with featured work in illustration, graphic design, photography, etc. I have found some amazing work on this site and have found a lot of inspiration in approaches that I can take to execute some of my own work.

Below are a couple of examples of work that I found on this site that really caught my eye. The first is the photo/photoshop work of Alberto Seveso, I find…

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Below is a panel from a series that I have been working on post-thesis. The intent for these pieces was for them to be displayed at Mike’s Place located at Carleton University in Ottawa, ON. Installation pictures to follow. In the meantime please check out my blog to see the full series.