01 Journey on Colourful Waters


I found an image a while back which I thought would be fun to paint with watercolours. Unfortunately I no longer remember where I found the image. In either case I have finally started painting it. Initially I didn’t think I would paint the background, instead I was thinking of rendering something. Maybe a face of a woman in the wind, or a dancing couple… Now I am thinking that I should include the background as well. Unfortunately having already painted the foreground it is a bit difficult to wish that I had started with the background I still do not really know what I want to do.

The ultimate goal was to work on my watercolour technique. The “message” has become a bit of an afterthought in this case. I think I will attempt at painting the background and then render an image on top of the watercolour. That may be interesting.



What one does after final thesis submission.


Its been months since we created this Blog. Though not neglected by any means, we have had little time to post. But now that the thesis is done, I find my self positively overwhelmed with all of the things that were forced to take a back seat. What better way to commemorate my achievement (finishing school) than to start blogging about all of the new and exciting projects I am working on. Here is a list of things I have lined up.

  • Get better acquainted with my watercolours.
  • Enter a few architectural competitions.
  • Venture out on more photo-walks.
  • Make a video. This one depends a bit on if I decide to buy a new camera. I “foolishly” walked into a camera shop today and fell in love. I shall not get into details because I simply can not get myself thinking about it too much at 2am. I will never fall asleep.
  • Keep playing around with different Adobe and CAD software. Maybe even learn how to make a webpage.
  • And of course I plan to post some of my previous work on the blog.

I’m sure the list will increase and change as I check things off, but for now this is the list.