Toxic Chicken Collaboration Session #2

So we have gone through our second session and, as mentioned in Dee’s post, this one was a great atmosphere to get some work done. No repetitive music this time (thank goodness… last session we heard 5 different songs over the whole 8 hours). Although a few interesting people watching opportunities did present themselves.

Anyway, this time around I was working on my personal blog and website. This is part of my branding and redevelopment of my portfolio and promotions. My goal is to bring them all together a little more. I was working through the blog, I haven’t quite hit a final visual that I love yet, otherwise I would share it with the world. That will happen as soon as this part is up and running. Once everything is all put together I think that I will do a mass launch of everything. Hit the world all at once with a big dose of Erin Hueston.

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