Atomic Rooster Meeting #1

Well, we are meeting at Atomic Rooster today, and the atmosphere is definitely conducive to some artsy shananigans! Good music, good art on the walls, and good company! Today I put up some of my stuff for the first time, so please check out “Dragica’s Work” under “Collaborators” and let me know what you think. I am really in the mood to play with color and am deciding if I should convert some of my photo play into actual paintings.

I realize that all my favourite photos were taken in the summer, and right now it’s October! So either I go back and play with all the crazy photos I took last summer and the one prior to that, or….I go outside with my little digital camera and create some new fall art 🙂


One thought on “Atomic Rooster Meeting #1

  1. I think that you should either print them out onto canvas or something OR use them as part of a painting. That way you would be creating something even more new with it rather than just copying it with paint. Just thinking… the pictures are amazing by the way!

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