Bubble Creativi-tea!

Our first collaborative session was yesterday and we all felt that it was something that was very helpful to all of us. We decided that the development of a blog might be an interesting idea, some way to share inspiration and thoughts in between sessions. With a healthy dose of bubble tea on hand we were all working together, bouncing off ideas and providing input into our various projects.

Goldie was working on developing her portfolio and resume further, Dee was working on some sketches, writing and resumes, and I was spending some quality time with my long neglected markers.

Sketches by Erin Hueston

After we were done there we spent a LONG time in chapters (2 hours!!!) looking at part of the art section. This gave us even more ideas of where we would like to go next and how we would like to spend our next sessions.

I want to bring in my website and my current personal branding projects. There was discussion into looking at people’s business cards, different media approaches, video inspiration, etc. The list of projects kept growing longer and longer the more we thought about it. This could be a very interesting collaboration project, good for my creative mellow anyway.


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